Future for Teams

As an organizational psychologist, supervisor, mediator and moderator, my passion lies in working with teams in challenging situations.


Lost steam?

Team focus recharged.

Routine tasks and a thousand little things in the team have caused it to lose sight of the bigger picture at work. Momentum in the team is declining.

As a process facilitator I support you and your team in planning, designing and moderating a team day in order to discover the bigger picture again, rethink and bundle time-consuming everyday activities and awaken the desire to work together on challenging tasks again!

Non-stop change?

At an ever-increasing pace, new and more complex requirements and an increasing number of colleagues coming and going put too much pressure on each individual and the team as a whole?

As a process consultant I can support you and your team to reflect on your communication patterns and to develop your cooperation processes, structures and methods that fit your specific situation. Want to feel how things run smoothly and are fun again?

Calling for peace in the team!

Due to long-simmering conflicts in the team, arguments over tiny things threaten to escalate? Collaboration at the workplace has turned dysfunctional?

As a mediator, I support you and your team in ensuring that the problems are honestly brought up in a protected environment. I make sure that all sides are heard, that the team members understand each other again and that they find constructive solutions for their needs together.


Let future in:



  • Moderation of internal retreats, conferences or strategy days
  • Facilitation of large group interventions
  • Consulting in organizational change from a human point of view (transition management)
  • Design and moderation of topic-specific workshops (e.g., generation management, knowledge management, interprofessional collaboration)

Supervision & 

  • Team supervision (monthly to quarterly meetings of 2-3 hours) for increasing professional skills
  • Solution-focussed team coaching for joint problem solving
  • Team development for new teams or in challenging times
  • 1:1 supervision/coaching for managers and private persons
  • In person or online

Conflict Mediation

  • Team conflict resolution workshops
  • Two-person mediation
  • Mediation between teams or departments
  • Conflict coaching for individuals, managers and private persons
  • Conflict prevention (conflict management seminars) to improve conflict ability and resilience in your organization



Led by esteemed professor Dr. Jeannette Hemmecke, our Executive MBA students gained valuable insights into the importance of soft skills, motivation, and professional relationships for personal and professional growth. We're confident that our students will apply their newfound knowledge to excel in their careers.

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Nice to have you here!

I am Jeannette Hemmecke, qualified psychologist, method expert, listener, group process designer, space keeper, treasure hunter for hidden resources and conflict resolution guide.

I love understanding how people and organizations have come to be what they are today. I'm fascinated by how people in a team can grow beyond themselves, but also how quickly the opposite happens.

Being a mediator and contributing to conflict resolution brings profound meaning to my work and life. I love and offer:

  • the facilitation of transforming a group of individuals into a cohesive team,
  • guiding established teams through changes, and
  • proficiently resolving conflicts.

Get to know me to determine if you'd like to work with me. Let's have a phone call, a videoconference or meet in person depending on where you are located.

Do you have a specific request?
Feel free to reach out to me via email.

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